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A Refreshing Twist | Turning Traditional Teas into Delicious Yummies

Chinese New Year is on its way and that means lots of festive food which may cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Why not opt for a more refreshing and a dessert that is lighter on the palate this festive season? Introducing our Chrysanthemum Osmanthus Jelly that contains NO SUGAR and is naturally sweet […]

Strawberry Heaven | Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake

Berries are a great antioxidant and who doesn’t love Strawberry Cheesecake? What’s not to like of a beautifully decorated cake with fresh, sweet strawberries with rich, creamy decadent cheesecake and a crunchy, delicious biscuit base? Not forgetting the aromatic smell of almond 😉 Who says we can’t have HEAVEN on Earth? Are you drooling yet? […]

A Jolly Good Time!

Flavour of the Month: December So Christmas is just round the corner and who is excited for this joyous occasion? Christmas is a time whereby people come together to celebrate the birth of christ, feast and catch up with one another  and of course to exchange gifts. Good food is a must for every Christmas […]

Nutella Pop

November: Nutella Pop! Nutella just gets better with this cupcake! Can you guess what this cupcake is? *Drumroll Please* Ferrero Rocher Nutella cupcakes!!! That’s right, Nutella in its candy form 😉 Nutella Pop has a double serving of Nutella and taste wonderfully chocolaty. Just imagine moist, freshly baked chocolate cupcake topped with Nutella buttercream and […]

Spooks Out!

October- Spooks Out! So what’s up for the month of October? Well, that’s right, HALLOWEEN! Halloween falls on the 31st of October so get ready to get freaked out! Halloween is common in Western European countries but in the past few years, the trend of celebrating Halloween in Singapore has become more common. Some commonly […]

A Yammy Affair

A Yammy Affair The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up in the month of September and what better way to celebrate it then eat mooncakes while gazing at the perfectly round moon and pretty stars? Sink your teeth into our Teochew Flaky Yam mooncakes while admiring the beautiful round moon on Mid-Autumn night with family […]