Nutella Pop

November: Nutella Pop!

Nutella just gets better with this cupcake! Can you guess what this cupcake is? *Drumroll Please*

Ferrero Rocher Nutella cupcakes!!! That’s right, Nutella in its candy form 😉 Nutella Pop has a double serving of Nutella and taste wonderfully chocolaty. Just imagine moist, freshly baked chocolate cupcake topped with Nutella buttercream and Ferroro Rocher Chocolate. Isn’t that just a slice of heaven?

The mere mention of these lovely cupcakes just makes my mouth water and I know you are too craving for one of these delicious cupcakes! Your eyes would have the feast just by looking at these decadent treats:)

ferroro 3

ferroro 1

ferroro 2

Cross section of how the cupcake looks like

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