A Jolly Good Time!

Flavour of the Month: December

So Christmas is just round the corner and who is excited for this joyous occasion? Christmas is a time whereby people come together to celebrate the birth of christ, feast and catch up with one another  and of course to exchange gifts.

Good food is a must for every Christmas gathering so, celebrate this Christmas with delicious, decadent cupcakes that give off the merry holiday feeling. Choose from a variety of different flavours and don’t wait to sink your teeth into one of these lovely cupcakes 🙂


Flavour 1: Spearmint Choco Cupcake


Flavour 2: Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate cupcake


Flavour 3: Good Old Classics

(Chocolate & Vanilla)



*For a more decorative feel, you can choose to have your cupcakes decorated in “the Star” style(Applicable to flavour 1 and 3)

The Star

cupcake xmas

Enjoy some of these cupcakes by contacting and ordering from us Today🙂



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