Spooks Out!

October- Spooks Out!

So what’s up for the month of October? Well, that’s right, HALLOWEEN! Halloween falls on the 31st of October so get ready to get freaked out!

Halloween is common in Western European countries but in the past few years, the trend of celebrating Halloween in Singapore has become more common. Some commonly done activities that people do for Halloween includes dressing up in different costumes and applying lots of make up to look like zombies or ghost, go trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

How about celebrating this Halloween with spooky cupcakes from Cup.Cakes Singapore? We offer a variety of Halloween themed designs and flavors that not only looks good but taste fabulous as well! Create a “Spooky” table with our Halloween themed cupcakes and scream the night away 😉


1. Spider Cake

2. Orange Ghost cake