A Refreshing Twist | Turning Traditional Teas into Delicious Yummies

Chinese New Year is on its way and that means lots of festive food which may cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Why not opt for a more refreshing and a dessert that is lighter on the palate this festive season?

Introducing our Chrysanthemum Osmanthus Jelly that contains NO SUGAR and is naturally sweet and pleasant 🙂


Osmanthus has a sweet and uniquely buttery fragrance that also serves as a good anti-aging food due to its high content of melanin and anti-oxidants. Chrysanthemum contains vitamin B and C which helps to protect the eye and they too have anti-aging properties. Chrysanthemum also helps to detox the liver and lower cholesterol in our bodies. try out our new blend today and taste the goodness for yourself 😉

A common favourite among young and old 🙂

*Jelly comes in either a whole (20 cm) or in Individual jelly cups (minimum order 12 cups)