Creating Sunflowers Using Gum Paste | Sugar Sunflowers

Creating these sugar sunflowers is quite similar to creating sugar flowers really. Its all about rolling out your gum paste and cutting them into the desired flower shape before arranging them onto your cake. Here are some easy steps for you to follow to create these beautiful sugar sunflowers.

Things that you will need:

  • Gum paste
  • Gel colouring of your choice
  • Sunflower cutters
  • Fondant roller
  • Ball tool
  • Foam mat
  • Forms to place your flowers in so they can dry

Lets move on to the steps of how to create these flowers!

1. First, colour your gum paste in a shade of yellow that you like or any other colour that you want your flower to be in before rolling out the gum paste till it is paper thin.

2. Place the plunger cutter on the gum paste and press firmly on the cutter part. Don’t press the plunger yet! Once you have cut the flower, move it back and forth just a little to remove the edges before pressing firmly on the plunger to release the flower.

3. Dust your form with powdered sugar then place your flower in the form to dry. You can do these as a single layer, or double them up for more dimension.

4. Add a center made out of brown gum paste and your sunflowers are complete and ready to be left to dry before placing onto the cake! Let these flowers dry for at least 24 hours or for a few days.

These flowers can be made very early in advance and can be kept. Thus, it is a good method to prepare them when you have time and just pop them onto the cake. Simple, easy and very fun to do!

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