Natural Food Colouring For Cakes| No Preservatives Food colouring

Food colouring can be quite harmful to the body and thus, some people would prefer to use natural food colouring to colour their bakes! Read on to find out how to colour your cakes using some of nature’s best produce!

To get:

Red- Raspberries, Beetroot, Promegranate

Pink- Beetroot (lower the amount put into the cake batter to prevent the cake batter from becoming red), Cranberry

Green- Green tea powder ( Matcha Powder), Spinach

Yellow- Egg yolk mixed with milk, Mango, Tumeric

Brown- Chocolate, Coffee

Orange- Carrot, Orange, Paprika

Purple- Blueberries, Purple sweet potato, Pure grape juice

Blue- Blue butterfly pea flower

Black- Charcoal powder, Black cocoa powder

When making natural food dyes with organic produce, we want to extract the juices from an produce (for example berries or spinach), then use a few tablespoons of the juice to colour your cake batter. You can use a juicer for produce such as spinach, carrots and beets to extract juice or you can boil these vegetables, puree them and strain them with a mesh cloth.

The juices of the berries are easy to extract. Simply choose the type of berries you want and heat them up a bit to soften them before placing them in a strainer set over a bowl. Mash the berries down to get your juice.

However, natural food colouring tend to be less pigmented and require a more concentrated amount in order to fully attain the colour pigmentation you want. For some of the produce that are used to attain the different colours, you will want to be sure to check on the amount you will be adding. For instance, to attain orange, we can use paprika but we do not want a large amount of it into your cake batter as we do not want the paprika from overpowering the entire cake flavour. Adding a small minute amount of it would not affect the overall taste of the cake thus, we will need to control the amount of spice or herbs that we use in the cake; especially if it were to be a sweet one.

If you cannot attain the colour that you want using a natural food dye, you can buy organic food dyes or use vegetable dyes.

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