Easy Steps On How To Make Sugar Floweers For Beginners

Sugar flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Roll them and shape them easily with these tips and you will get a beautiful sugar flower for your cake. Lets get started!

You will need:

  • Gum paste
  • Flower cutters of your choice
  • Fondant roller
  • Ball tool
  • Foam mat (found in craft stores or online)
  • Forms to place your flowers to allow the flowers to dry

Now, lets proceed onto the steps of making the flowers.

1. Before you get started cutting out your flower petals, fill your form with a light dusting of corn flour to prevent the flowers from sticking onto the foam when it dries. You won’t want to see all your hard work going to waste would you?

2. Since we are not going to be putting wires in this flower or drying the petal separately, it means the flower might be weak and break more easily. So, prepare the support by cutting out a circle of gum paste that is  smaller than your final flower, but large enough to protect the back of the petals. This way, when you pick the flower up, you are touching the circle on the back instead of the fragile petals.

3. Roll the gum paste until it is paper thin and get ready to cut out your flower petals.

4. Once you have the petals cut, transfer the first one to the foam mat. Using the ball tool with half the ball on the mat and half on the edge of the gum paste, glide the ball tool around the edge of the petal. You can apply quite a bit of pressure, just be careful to not push too hard or push in one place for too long or it will rip the gum paste. This will create a frilly edge to your flowers making them look more realistic.

5. Gently pick up the petals and place them on the circle. Arrange the petals the way you would like them, and then repeat with the next set of petals. To glue the petals together, you can use a dab of water or edible glue.

6. Once you are done, let the sugar flower dry for at least 24 hours or for 3 days or longer. Then, once they are dry you can paint them or brush them with luster dust. When working with large flowers, it is the center of the flower that needs to dry. The petals will likely be dry in a few hours, but the center is what takes a long time and that is what will give the flower the strength to stay on the cake.

You can create sugar flowers using any time of cutters you like. Just ruffle up the edges and you will get a pretty flower.

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