Mini cupcakes

Isn’t there a time when you just feel like having a cupcake but would reconsider buying it when you think of the number of calories the cupcake has? Well, joy and satisfaction now comes in smaller portions with MINI CUPCAKES!

Mini cupcakes are about a third of regular cupcakes which means that the amount of fat in each mini cupcake is greatly reduced by a third.  However, if you are considering using a regular sized cupcake recipe to make mini cupcakes, it is better to make a large batch of mini cupcakes then to downsize the amount of ingredients as some recipes do not turn out well if downsized.

After you have your cake batter, fill up the muffin tray till about ¾ full and bake it in the oven. Regular cupcakes take about 16 to 20 minutes to bake but mini cupcakes would take only about 9-14 minutes to bake.  It is good to check the mini cupcakes after 9 minutes to see if the cakes need more time in the oven. Mini cupcakes over bake easily so it is wise to check the cupcakes in short intervals when they are almost cooked. Although baking time is shortened for mini cupcakes, the temperature of the oven should not be reduced as the ingredients in the cake batter only reacts at a certain temperature; failing to achieve that specific temperature, the cake may not turn out the way it should be.

Mini cupcakes allow you to try more cupcake flavors and allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth while watching your calories. This is like having your cake and eating it 🙂 Also, if you are considering having cupcakes at your dessert table, it is good if the cupcakes are mini sized so that guests can get to try more desserts without being overly bloated.

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