All you need to know about Cookies!

Cookies are great as a tea time snack or for munching. Cookies come in different shapes, sizes, flavours and types and in this post, we would be exploring more about COOKIES!


Storing cookie dough

The good thing about cookies is that the dough can be made way before hand (about three months) and be kept in the freezer until needed. The dough should be kept in an air tight plastic bag and stored in the freezer to prevent the cookie dough from becoming mouldy. It is good to roll the cookie dough into a log shape to allow easy slicing of the cookie dough when you feel like eating the cookies.

The frozen cookie dough need not be thawed before baking. The dough can thaw in the heated oven but remember to add a few more minutes to the baking time.


Baking cookies
If you like chewy cookies, leave the cookies for 5 more minutes after it is removed from the oven to allow the cookie to form up before moving the cookie to a cookie rack.

For bar cookies, do not cut the cookies when warm of you do not want ragged edges and falling-apart cookies.

For batter cookies, it is easier to shape the cookie when still warm.


Doneness of cookie
All cookies are cooked when they do not break in the middle when lifted.

Bar cookies are done when they pull away from the edge of the pan.

Batter cookies are done when the edges turn golden brown.


Storing cookies

Make sure cookies are cooled before storing them if not condensation will occur inside the container and cookies would turn soggy.

Bar cookies are quite moist and are able to stay fresh longer compared to other types of cookies if they are stored well. Bar cookies with plenty of fruit and dairy products should be refrigerated and well wrapped to prevent the cookie from drying up in the refrigerator.

Crisp cookies have low water content and in order to preserve their crispness, they have to be stored in air-tight containers.

Cookies are really handy and perfect as a snack. Just remember to drink lots of water after that to prevent sore throats 🙂


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