How to achieve different denseness of cheesecake

Cheesecakes can vary in denseness. Some people like their cheesecake light and fluffy (like the Japanese Cheesecake) while others prefer a dense, rich cheesecake (like the New York Cheesecake). Different cheesecakes have different textures due to the difference in ingredients that are added into the batter. Some of the few factors listed below affects the density of the cheesecake. Read on to find out more 🙂

For fluffy, light cheesecake:

  • Beat the egg whites and egg yolk separately before folding in the stiff egg whites before baking.
  • Use sour cream, fresh cream in the recipe
  • Eggs and cheese should be at room temperature
  • Beat the cake mixture till light and fluffy before baking


For dense, rich cheesecake:

  • Stop beating the batter once everything is incorporated
  • Use cream cheese and not cheese spreads or ricotta cheese.
  • Whole eggs can be added to the batter without separating the egg whites and yolks.

Other tips 🙂

To prevent cracks from forming on the top if the cheesecake, bake the cheesecake at a low temperature (about 150 degree Celsius) and preferably use a water bath.

To prevent the cheesecake from shrinking once it is removed from the oven, open the oven door a little once the cake is ready and allow the cake to cool in the oven for about 10 minutes before taking it out from the oven. This gradual cooling allows the cheesecake to not shrink so much as the temperature difference does not vary too much.

When baking flavoured cheesecakes, you can cut back on the sugar to make your cheesecake so that you will feel less guilty when eating it. For example, when I make the chocolate cheesecake, I tend to remove or reduce the proportion of sugar to ¼ its stated amount. This makes the cheesecake not too sweet and in a sense “healthier”.

If you are interested in tasting some healthy cheesecake, Cup.Cakes Singapore will be launching our own version of a healthier cheesecake which contains TOFU! Remember to check that out 😉 The tofu adds a silky and smooth texture to the cream cheese and goes perfectly well with the cream cheese. As tofu tastes very light and has a bland taste, it would not overpower the taste of the cheesecake. Do contact us if you want to get your hands on one of our Tofu cheesecake which comes in original, green tea and black sesame flavour 🙂

Here is a sample picture of our black sesame cheesecake that is filled with the aroma of black sesame and has a crunchy biscuit base with sesame seeds.