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Cakes and desserts are known to be very delicious but high in calories and sugar. Everyone (Even those without a sweet tooth) surely love to have a sweet treat once on a while but when people think of the amount of sugar they would be consuming, some may resist their temptation in having that piece of cake. So, in this post, we would be suggesting sugar substitutes so that you can have your cake and eat it!

Sugar can be replaced with sweeteners which aresynthetic sugar substitutes but may be derived from naturally occurring substances, including herbs or sugar. One good point about artificial sweeteners are that it does not add calories to your diet and since sweeteners are sweeter compared to sugar, they are usually added in smaller quantities πŸ™‚ This is good news for those watching their waistline.

Artificial sweeteners can be used in baking and cooking. However, in baking, artificial sweeteners, unlike sugar, do not add volume to the batter hence you may need to do some modification to the recipe. Also, some artificial sweeteners have an aftertaste to them which could affect the taste of the baked goods.

Some reports have said that artificial sweeteners may cause health problems like cancer but if taken in moderation, artificial sweeteners are not harmful to our health. You could also check the food labels on the healthy intake range of the sweeteners.

Some plus points about sweeteners are that the cake made with sweeteners instead of sugar can be consumed by diabetics; unlike sugar, sweeteners also do not contribute to tooth decay and cavities. For those watching their weight, sweeteners are great as they do not add calories to the diet. On the other hand, each gram of regular table sugar contains 4 calories and a teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams. If you’re trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain, products sweetened with artificial sweeteners rather than with higher calorie table sugar may be an attractive option.

Other sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup, organic sugars can also be used to replace sugar.

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Let’s all strive for a healthier lifestyle but still enjoy the food we eat πŸ˜‰ The next time you try making a cupcake, cake or any other baked goods, try to minimize the sugar or replace the sugar with healthier alternatives. However, this could change the texture of the baked product but at least it would be healthier.

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