Matcha Green Tea Cake & Tart Singapore

matcha cake 1

Our matcha desserts have just went a step further by pairing our matcha bakes with fresh juicy fruits! This delicious combination is great for a hot summer day!

matcha cake 2

Our Matcha cake which is filled with the aroma of green tea is just delicious and pairing it with the fresh fruits just leaves you wanting more!


matcha 6

Besides our Matcha cake, we also have our Matcha tart. The tart has a cakey base and is denser than your usual biscuit crust tart.

matcha 3

Topped also with lots of summer berries, this refreshing, sweet tart is not only pretty, it is also yummy!

matcha 2

Get your matcha desserts today! Matcha tiramisu is also available!