What an Ice Cream Flavor says about your Personality

Ever wondered why some people constantly go back to eating the same ice cream flavour and not feel tired and bored of it? Ice cream flavours say more about our personality than we ever thought about it!

Interested to know what your favourite ice cream flavour reflects of your personality and character? Read on to find out 😉

1. Vanilla
Unlike what most people think, people who like vanilla are not dull, prosaic and boring. Instead you are impulsive, idealistic and easily influenced by what people say or do. Vanilla lovers set high goals for themselves and strive to achieve them. You are idealistic and open with your emotions and tend to seek secure, long term relationships.

2. Chocolate
You are dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible. You require a lot of attention and love being in the spotlight. You charm people with your enthusiasm and sense of style. You like being with friends and look for a passionate and exciting relationship.

3. Strawberry
You are tolerant, thoughtful, devoted and an introvert. Strawberry lovers tend to be followers rather than leaders and are shy and reserved. You are also loyal to family and friends and tend to weigh options carefully before making a decision.

4. Mint chocolate chip
You are argumentative, frugal and cautious. Mint chocolate chip lovers are ambitious, and confident but also sceptical about life. You also tend to be stubborn. However, you are loyal, dependable and strongly value relationships with family and friends. You also like to plan ahead and prepare for the future.

5. Chocolate chip
You are generous, competent and is willing to strive towards your life and career goals. Even though you are competitive and hardworking, you are also generous and do not take things for granted. Chocolate chip lovers are at ease in social situations and are often the centre of attraction.

6. Cookie dough
You are ambitious, competitive and visionary.

7. Pralines and cream
You are loving and supportive and do not like to be in the spotlight.

8. Coffee
You are scrupulous, conscientious and are a moral perfectionist. You are also lively, dramatic and flirtatious. Whenever you do something, you do your best and are often starting on new projects before finishing the old ones as you tend to get easily bored.

9. Rocky road
You are aggressive in pursuing goals in life and work, engaging and would be willing to lend a listening ear to those in need. You are a social butterfly and appreciate the fine things in life. You have a balanced mixture of charm and practicality.

10. Butter pecan
You are devoted, conscientious, respectful and fiscally conservative. You have a high standard for right and wrong and while you tend to be reserved about your thoughts and emotions, you are sensitive towards other people’s feelings.
What an ice cream flavour says about your personality

11. Rainbow
You are analytical, pessimistic and decisive.

These results only provide a general assessment of people’s personality and may not be applicable to everyone. Nonetheless, subtle things such as food flavours may not be as innocuous as we think 🙂

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