The Reason Behind The Ingredients

Baking is a Science in which the ingredients come together and transform the batter into a wonderfully, delicious cake or bread. In baking, it is all about the proportions. Adding too much or too little of an ingredient would affect the taste and texture of the cake baked. Continue reading to discover for yourself the reasons behind adding some of the common ingredients into the cake batter J


  • Provide sweetness
  • Provides structure and texture
  • Adds moisture and soften cake texture
  • Contributes to browning


  • Adds moisture and soften cake texture (due to fats present)


  • Adds moisture and soften cake texture (due to fats present)
  • Gives the cake structure due to the formation of gluten when mixed with flour
  • Able to extent the shelf life of cakes


  • Adds a more complex flavor than regular milk
  • More acidic than milk
  • Able to react with baking soda or baking powder to produce carbon dioxide hence causing the cake to rise and have a lighter texture
  • Cakes baked have a fluffier texture compared to when milk is being used
  • Commonly used in bread and cakes


  • Act as a thickener- proteins in the egg coagulate as the egg is heated and the liquid thickens and becomes firm ( example in custard)
  • Act as a leavener- able to trap air when the egg whites are beaten
  • Lecithin in the egg yolk prevents moisture loss so cake would be moist and soft


Baking soda and baking powder

  • Acts as a leavener, causing cakes to rise