Decorating wedding cupcakes

The cupcake trend has been slowly gaining popularity among people, especially the younger generation, due to the added convenience of eating cupcakes and the smaller portion of cake eaten. Traditional wedding cakes have slowly made way to beautifully decorated, bite-size cupcakes and if you decide to decorate your cupcakes for any special occasions, read on for some ideas 🙂

Wedding cakes usually have three tiers and if cupcakes replace the traditional wedding cake, a cake stand is needed to display the cupcakes nicely. Cupcake stands usually have three tiers and each tier can have a different cupcake design all revolving around the same theme.

Buttercream or cream cheese is commonly used to frost cupcakes to allow the added decorations to adhere nicely to the cupcake and not slip off. Remember to allow the cupcake to cool down to room temperature before piping on the buttercream as we do not want the buttercream to melt under the heat of the freshly baked cupcake.

1.       Buttercream frosting with sugared flowers

Sugared flowers can be store bought and after the buttercream has been frosted onto the cupcake, place the sugared flowers onto the buttercream and dot the middle of the sugared flower with a dot of icing.

2.       Buttercream frosting with coloured sugar crystals

Coloured sugar crystals add a nice sparkling effect onto the cupcake and brighten up the buttercream.

3.       Piped flower buttercream

Piping a rose pattern onto the cupcake makes a really pretty cupcake design. Roses can be piped starting from the middle, working our way outwards towards the edge of the cupcake. After every circle made, cut into the already piped buttercream by half and pipe the next round. This creates a rose effect.

4.       Buttercream with chocolate swirls

After piping the buttercream, use a fruit peeler and rub it against a bar of chocolate. Chocolate swirls would form and you can use a toothpick to transport these chocolate swirls onto the piped buttercream.

Other than chocolate swirls, you could make your own chocolate garnishes by piping chocolate patterns and allowing it to solidify before placing it into the buttercream.

These pretty cupcake decorating ideas would surely make your cupcake more appealing and pretty 🙂 Have fun decorating!

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