Under the Sea Cupcakes

Love the beach and the sea? Well, you have just found yourself some very suitable cupcakes! Check out our Under the Sea cupcakes with cute sea animals 🙂

These cupcakes would also remind you of the beach and would be perfect for beach-lovers 😉

Design 1: Seashells on the seashore


Design 2: Big Fishes

fish cupcake

Design 3: Little Fishes

fish cupcake1

Design 4: Assorted Sea Animals


Design 5: Sea Shells and Star Fish


Design 6: Whale of a time

Design 7: Colours of the ocean

Design 8: Turquoise Mermaid Cupcakes

Design 8: Pink Mermaid Cupcakes

Love what you “sea”? Get your beach themed cupcakes today!


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