Singapore Local Flavoured Cakes

Homely and comforting local Singapore flavours turned into a delicious, welcoming slice of cake! This is what we have to offer! Give your tastebuds a treat with these simple yet delicious cakes!

Pulut Hitam Cake

Fluffy, fragrant pandan cake encased with pulut hitam jelly

Durian Cake

Classic creamy Durian puree sandwiched between layers of fluffy sponge cake

Gula Melaka Coconut Cake

Fresh grated coconut soaked in Gula Melaka sandwiched between vanilla cake and smooth cream cheese


Coconut Cake

Light and aromatic coconut sponge with light coconut buttercream*

*Buttercream can be changed to jelly if requested

Orh Nee Taro Cake

Coconut Sponge cake layered with orh nee frosting 

Mango Mousse Cake

Fresh mangoes layered between mango sponge and mango mousse with a biscuit base

mango cake 2

Hae Bee Hiam Cake (Savory)

Fragrant spicy dried shrimp sambal sandwiched between aromatic coconut rice layers 


Cake sizes available:

  • 6 inch (good for 4-5 pax)
  • 8 inch (good for 6-8 pax)
  • 10 inch (good for 9-12 pax)



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