Ice Cream Cone Cake Singapore | A Twist To An Ice Cream Cone

This month’s special is really something a little more out of the ordinary! Its an ice cream cone cake! “So what is that?”-you may be wondering.

ice cream cone cake 3

Tadah!! Doesn’t it look like an ice cream at first sight? Well, its actually a cake pop filled with lots of delicious sweets that you like!

You can customise your own ice cream cone to however you want it to be!

ice cream cone cake

This cake pop isn’t’t like the ordinary as it is packed with a crunch! The best part of it its that you can eat the ENTIRE cone! No need to look for a dustbin to throw away the stick after you are done. How fantastic is that?

Let’s move on to the interior of the cone!

ice cream cone cake cut

See the moist cake pop and the fillings in the cone? Customise yours now in three easy steps!

1. Cake Pop Flavour







2. Fillings



-Crunched Peanuts


-Peanut Butter


3. Finishing Touches

  • Colour Choice of ice cream: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Chocolate(brown), White, Blue

-Rainbow Sprinkles

-Cornflake Crunch


These ice cream cones make perfect, cute gifts! Its so interesting and delicious at the same time! Don’t wait and get yours today! For more small treats and sweets, click here!