Pink Themed Cupcakes Singapore | Colour Themed Parties

Having a colour specific party and need everything to be in a certain colour? Check out our girly pink cupcakes below for a pink themed party! Also, if you are not really a fan of pink, we can change the colour to suit your preference.

Design 1: Mini Bow Cupcakes

Able to change the age on the cupcake


Design 2: Ribbon Cupcakes


Design 3: Minnie Mouse Cupcake


Design 4: Marie Cat Cupcake

marie cupcakes

Design 5: Pink Tiara Cupcake

cartoon-princess tiara

Design 6: Pretty in Pink

rosettes cupcakes

Design 7: Peek-A-Boo Heart cupcake

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.02.23 PM

Design 8: Pink Petals

flower cupcake

Design 9: 3D Pink Roses

flower cupcakes

Send us your enquiries if you would want to “pinkify” any cupcake design!