Peanut Cookie Singapore| Melt-in-your-mouth Peanut Cookies

peanut cookies

Needs no introduction, but here is our all time favourite- Peanut Cookie!

Melt-in-your-mouth and made from 100% peanut (no additives and preservatives added)! Crunchy at first and than once its in your mouth, the softness of the cookie starts to come forth and the whole cookie melts away 😉

peanut cookie

Freshly roasted nuts are used to ensure the freshness of the cookie and also to give the cookie an aromatic flavour.

peanut cookies 2

Another cousin of your Peanut cookie is the Choconut Sea Salt Bites! This peanut cookie encases chocolate chips and is topped with a dash of sea salt! A perfect combination between sweet and savoury!

We also have our Peanut Butter Cookie


Taste similar to our Peanut cookie cut this cookie doesn’t have the crunch of the peanut. Perfect for older people or for young children. And also for all the peanut butter lovers!

Get nutty today and try our peanut treats today!


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