Orange Pound Cake Singapore| Butterless Cake Singapore


Need a cake without butter due to dietary needs? Or cannot stand the smell of butter? Well, we have just the cake for you! This butterless pound cake that comes in 3 flavours: Vanilla, Orange or Lemon, does not contain any butter at all!


It is moist and delicious and very light! If you are also not a fan of whipped cream/ frosting, do let us know and we can do a cake for you that is glazed with icing instead!

butterless orange cake frosted 3

Butterless cupcakes are available too! Flavours include: Lemon, Vanilla, Orange 🙂


If you prefer a non-fancy cake that is suitable for tea, do get our “Bare” Orange Butterless pound cake!

butterless orange cake 3

NO butter at all but still taste fabulous!Extremely moist and every bite is bursting with flavour 🙂 Grab ours today and taste it for yourself 🙂





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