Nice Cupcakes In Singapore

What constitutes to a nice cupcake?

  1. Good and fresh ingredients used
  2. Ingredients brought to room temperature
  3. Use of a pre-heated oven
  4. Properly, well-mixed batter
  5. Well-cooked cupcakes ( Don’t leave the cupcakes in their pan once the cupcakes are done as it can lead to an overcooked cupcake)
  6. Moist cupcake
  7. Freshly baked cupcakes
  8. Cupcakes that are not overly sweet
  9. Cupcakes that are stored properly
  10. Do not open the oven door when the cupcakes are baking

Follow these 10 tips and your cupcakes will be delicious and nice once they are out of the oven.

Here at Cup.Cakes Sinagpore, our cakes and bakes are all freshly baked upon request so you need not worry about leftover cakes that are resold. Freshness is assured in every bite and no preservatives or additives are added. Browse our menu and order your freshly baked cupcakes today!

If you are looking for some themed cupcakes or whole cakes and desserts, we have them just for you too!


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