My Little Pony Cupcakes Singapore

my little pony

Calling all My Little Pony fans out there! Adore rainbow things and would love for some rainbow cupcakes and cakes? You can get them here!

rainbow 1

We have rainbow cupcakes, muffins, cookies and cakes! Customise your own My Little Pony design on your rainbow cake and bite in to reveal the delight of having a rainbow cake!

Design 1: Rainbow Sprinkles

rainbow cupcake 1

Design 2: Cutie Marks Set

cutie marks

Design 3: Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark

cutie marks2

Design 4: Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark

cutie marks3

Design 5: Apple Jack’s Cutie Mark

cutie marks4

Design 6: Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark

cutie marks5

Don’t wait and get your rainbow cupcakes today! Send us an image of My Little Pony design for us to customise your rainbow cake for you!



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