Molten Lava Cake Singapore| Where To Buy Lava Cake Singapore

molten cake 3

Love cutting into a molten lava cake and see the molten just flow out? Have you ever dreamt of having a molten lava cake for your birthday? You can do so now here!

molten cake 1

Don’t you love the combination of a rich chocolate cake with a molten chocolate centre? This is a dream of any chocoholic!

All you have to do is arranged the cake to be heated up either using a microwave or an oven prior to serving. Thereafter, arrange the provided fruit toppings onto the cake and you are ready to cut into your beloved molten cake!

Cake sizes available: 2′(individual serving), 4″, 6″

Order now and have molten lava cakes in the comfort of your own home! You may also want to add on a scoop or two of ice cream 😉