Mango Mousse Cake Singapore | Fresh Mango Cake

Fresh mangoes are so deliciously sweet and when made into a cake, it complements extremely nicely with the sponge cake and the mango mousse that you can’t stop at one slice!


Our mango mousse cake is made from the freshest ingredients and no concentrate is used. All pure, fresh mangoes for that deliciously sweet and aromatic mango taste 🙂 You will need to try one for yourself to be mind-blown!

mango cake 2

mango cake

The cake consist of a biscuit crust which is then layered with a layer of mango sponge and then a layer of mango mousse with mango bits, another layer of mango sponge and finally more mango mousse! This is really a great cake for mango lovers and if that is you, you know what to do! Order one with us today!
mango cake 4

We are able to do this cake in other flavours as well: Kiwi, Peach, Strawberry

Do enquire as fruits may differ from season to season 🙂




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