Inspired by Black Star Pastry: Str-ape Watermelon Cupcake

Inspired by Black Star Pastry, we present our Str-ape Watermelon Cake! Consisting of strawberry, grapes, watermelon and pistachios layered between 2 slices of sponge cakes 🙂

watermelon cake 1

Refreshing and light due to the presence of the watermelon and fresh fruits on top. This gives you the reason to have more than one slice 😉

watermelon cake 4

This mini cake/cupcake looks really pretty and sweet and would surely be a crowd pleaser at any gathering or parties you have!

watermelon cake 5

Mini cakes/ cupcakes are sized at about 4cm in diameter and 6cm in height

Do place your orders for these babies at least 1 week in advance to avoid disappointment 🙂

If you are looking for this delicious goodness in cake form? Head on over here!



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