Humming Bird Cake Singapore| Butterless Cake To Buy

Looking for a butterless cake? Look no further! Presenting to you our Humming Bird Cake 🙂

hummingbird cake 3

hummingbird cake

Packed filled with bananas, crushed pineapples, walnuts and cinnamon, it is sure to make a delicious treat for anyone young or old!

hummingbird cake 4a

Humming bird cake available cake sizes:

-Cupcake size

-4″ Cake ( Able to serve 4-5 slices)

-6″ Cake ( Able to serve 5-7 slices)

-10″ Cake ( Able to serve 10-12 slices)

Humming bird frosting:


-Cream Cheese

hummingbird cake 5b

hummingbird cake 5d

We also do Black Sesame Humming Bird Cakes for those black sesame lovers! A subtle aroma of the black sesame seeds with the bananas and sweet pineapples makes this cake a good breakfast treat, tea snack or an after-meal dessert anytime of the day!

To make you a little happier, this cake is also sugar free*! All the sweetness of the cake is from the fruits 🙂 So to all those health conscious people, this cake is a treat for you!

Get yours today! For more butterless cakes, check them out here!





*Diabetic friendly but take the cake in moderation as bananas and pineapples are medium GI food 🙂