Holiday Festive Cookies

Looking for cookies for the upcoming festive season? Check out our wide variety of delicious yummies here!

Laksa Cookies
Made from freshly made laksa paste and curry leaves
Golden Pineapple Tarts
Handmade buttery pineapple tarts with fresh pineapple fillings
Black Beauty & Matcha Crunch
Black Sesame cookies and Matcha Green Tea
cookies with almond nits and white chocolate
black sesame green tea 1
Peanut Bites
Aromatic Peanut cookies that melts in your mouth
peanut cookie
Peanut Chocolate Balls 
Crunchy traditional peanut cookies with chocolate chip 
chocolate peanut balls
Chocolate Sea Salt Bites
 Peanut butter balls filled with chocolate chips and a dash of sea salt
peanut cookies 2
Chocolate Crunchy Pops
Crunchy cornflakes balls coated with lots of chocolate;
An Explosion of sweetness and crunch all in one
Cashew Nut Cookies
Buttery cookies with cashew nuts
Almond Melts
Melt in your mouth almond cookies
Cornflake Crunch
Crunchy cornflake cookies
Pineapple/ Prune Balls
Comes in either pineapple or prune flavour 
Pineapple Tarts
The classic pineapple tarts
Comes in either pineapple, apple, blueberry or prune flavour 
Green Pea Cookies
Melt in your mouth green pea cookies 
Green Pea Blocks
Crunchy Green Pea blocks, a change from the melt-in-your mouth green pea cookies
Nutella Swirl Cookies
Rich butter cookies with the fragrance of nutella
Nutella Cookies
Almond Cookies
Buttery, Almond cookies 
CNY-healthy almond cookies
Black Sesame Cookies
Crunchy cookies with black sesame seeds 
sesame cookies 1
White Sesame Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle
Crunchy white sesame cookies with chocolate drizzle
CNY-white sesmae biscuit
Pumpkin Seed Slices
Crispy thin biscuit slices with pumpkin seedsCNY-pumpkin seed
Meltz Butter Cookies
A take on the famous Jenny cookies 
(Comes in Butter, Earl Grey, Lemon, Orange, Coffee, Chocolate)*
jenny cookies
Matcha Azuki Cookies
Green tea cookies encasing Azuki beans(red bean)

Get these delicious goodies for your upcoming celebration!





*One flavour per box. Mixing is allowed but prices may differ

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