Hae Bee Hiam Cake Singapore- Savory Cakes For The Non-Sweet Tooth

Not a sweet tooth but celebrating your birthday soon? Rest assured, you do not need to get a sweet birthday cake for your birthday! Try our savory Hae Bee Hiam cake!

hae bee hiam cake2

Take on our spicy level challenge and choose different spicy levels for your cake!

Level 1(Mild): For the kids

Level 2(Moderate): For the adults

Level 3(Spicy): For the HOT-ties

Try our spicy level challenge which is not for the faint hearted! Level 1 caters for children (who can take abit of spicy). Level 2 is for those who wants a bit of kick but not too spicy. Level 3 is HOT but very shiok! Try it only if you dare as we want you to enjoy your cake ­čśë

hae bee hiam cake3

Our Cake Composition:

Layer 1- Glutinous Rice

Layer 2- 1 Layer of Hae Bee Hiam

Layer 3- Glutinous Rice

Layer 4- Another layer of Hae Bee Hiam


Layer 5- Glutinous Rice with Hae Bee Hiam sprinkles on top

If you are already salivating at the sight of our┬áHae Bee Hiam cake, don’t wait and place an order for this today!