Gula Melaka Cake- Odeh Odeh Cake & Cupcakes Singapore| Singaporean Taste

A modern twist to classical Peranakan flavours is our Gula Melaka cake with fresh desiccated coconut, smooth cream cheese and thick gooey gula melaka! Delicious and fragrant from the cream cheese, fresh coconut and the sweet gula melaka.


Gula Melaka is also known as palm sugar and it comes from the sap of a budding flower of a date, coconut or sago palm. If you didn’t know, the sweetness of the gula melaka differs from each batch and the taste of each batch depends on the time of the year the sap is collected. Gula melaka has a rich, smoky taste somewhat between a sweet caramel and a mellow butterscotch.

Don’t think that gula melaka is just all sugar; it also has health benefits such as being a wholesome sugar, retaining more mineral salts than refined sugar due to the absence of bleaching, and containing key vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, including potassium, zinc, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. Another plus point is that gula melaka has a relatively low glycemic index (35 as opposed to honey’s 55) giving us a steadier supply of energy. It is also an ideal sweetener alternative for children (no sugar peaks and lows in the bloodstream) and better for diabetics.

We can do our Odeh Odeh cakes in cupcakes or as whole cakes. Order this delicious, moist and fragrant cake now for your tea party and it would surely be a hit among the young and young at heart!