Golf Themed Cupcakes & Cakes

An avid golf fan and love anything golf? Here are some hand made cupcakes that are designed for all golf lovers out there! Be amazed and awed by the beautiful designs we have and don’t forget to get your golf cupcakes today!

Our golf cupcakes comes in these various designs. If you have any other designs that you will like that are not shown here, do feel free to email us the image you want!

Design 1: Golf Essentials 

golf essentials

Design 2: Flying High

flying high

Design 3: Get Ready For A Put


Design 4: Golf Bag Cupcake


Customised boxes of cupcakes (12 cupcakes, 16 cupcakes or 25 cupcakes) can be purchased and designs can mixed*.


Want a conventional cake instead of cupcakes? We are able to customise a golf course cake for you!







*Minimum of 6 cupcakes per design

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