Eating Right For Your Blood Type| The Blood Type Diet

Different people have different blood types and thus require different nutrients! What is your blood type?

Blood Type A: Vegetarianism would be a great diet for this group of people. It is recommended that this group stick to more carbohydrates and less meat as their stomachs produce the least acid hence making meat digestion and protein absorption more difficult. Thus, recommended protein sources would be tofu, nuts and seeds.

Dairy products are said to be indigestible by this group of individuals but fermented dairy products such as cheese are good sources of calcium for these people. Alkaline-based fruits such as bananas are good in aiding digestion for these individuals. Hence, it is recommended in their diets.

Blood Type B: These individuals thrives on an omnivorous diet of meat, carbohydrates, dairy and vegetables as it is believed that they have a more tolerant digestive system. Those with this blood type and are trying to lose the extra pounds, should consume more green vegetables, eggs,lean meat and dairy products.

Blood Type O: Blessed with a good digestive system, blood type O individuals can efficiently digest meat so continue eating those meat if you are a meat lover! However, these individuals may have a low thyroid hormone count. Thus, good sources of iodine includes seafood and fish,

Blood Type AB: Those with this blood type and are trying to lose the extra pounds, should consume more green vegetables,lean meat, seafood and low-fat dairy products. Individuals with this blood group have a more sensitive digestive system and should opt for tofu, seafood and low-fat dairy products for their protein sources.

Small, frequent meals are recommended for this blood group due to their weaker digestive systems. Avoid eating too much starch and proteins in one meal.