Asian Mangoes | Mango Facts

Mangoes are juicy, sweet and fragrant. The perfect fruit for a hot day! Mangoes are great on its own or can be used in cooking or desserts. Here are some tips and types of mangoes this season!


How to choose mangoes

Choose mangoes that are slightly underripe (greenish yellow)


How to store mangoes

Wrapped the underripe mangoes in plastic and store them in a cardboard box at room temperature


How to tell if mangoes are ripe

Ripe mangoes are fragrant when smelled at the ends


Types of mangoes

Alphonoso/ Hapoos

  • From India

  • Blunt oval shape

  • Deep golden skin

  • Very fragrant and has a complex flavour

  • Best eaten on its own



  • From India

  • Large, slightly flattened and curvy

  • Juicy and sweet

  • Best eaten plain or blended into drinks


Dasheri/ Dussehri

  • From India and Pakistan

  • Small or medium sized mango

  • Oval shaped

  • Juicy and slightly fibrous



  • From India

  • Medium sized mango

  • Oval shaped

  • Sweet with a slight acidic taste

  • Best eaten on its own


Lal Baug

  • Small sized

  • Heart shaped

  • Slightly sweet and acidic

  • Best for making desserts, Lassi, juices, salsa, savory dishes



  • From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

  • Fist-sized

  • Slightly fibrous flesh


Rainbow mango/ Maha Chanok

  • From Thailand

  • Long and slim

  • Juicy and refreshing



  • From India

  • Has a small seed

  • Useful if thick chunks of mango is needed

  • Light and simple flavour

  • Taste like mango cordial


Sein Ta Lone

  • From Myanmar

  • Medium sized

  • Best eaten in desserts or on its own



  • From India

  • Long and flat

  • Firm and mild tasting flesh

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