Gender Reveal Cakes and Cupcakes Singapore

Expecting a baby is a very exciting phase of your life and getting to know the gender is a big part of that pregnancy. If you are planning a baby gender reveal party or a baby shower, consider getting these cute cupcakes!

Design 1: Girl Or Boy?

Design 2: Question Mark

Design 3: Blue or pink

Design 4: Gender Reveal Cake

Let us know if you are expecting a son or a daughter!


If you cannot have your friends and family with you but want them in on finding out the gender with you, get each of them a customised box of cupcakes with the baby’s gender inside.

If you are interested to find out how the inside of the gender reveal cupcake looks like, it looks like this! The core of the cake would be coloured according to the baby’s gender. Blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl.

Let us be part of this exciting journey with you. Order your gender reveal cupcakes today!


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