Festival Themed Cupcakes

Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali are some of the many festivals that Singapore celebrates. Our multi-racial background allows citizens of different races to celebrate and enjoy the different festivals of other races and also gives people of different ethnic backgrounds a chance to savour the delicious, traditional cookies and sweet treats of the various races.

Cup.Cakes Singapore would also love to be part of your celebration so why not take a look at the various types of goodies we have available for the various different occasions and place an order with us 🙂

Chinese New Year                                                                                                         Christmas

zodiac CNY                                                   Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings


Hari Raya                                                                                                                           Deepavali     

hari raya                                                    deepavali                                                   

Easter/ Good Friday                                                                                                      A Start Of A New Year

322860.pngChampaign bottle






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