Extra Large Chocolate Chip Cookies | Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Singapore

chocolate chip cookies

Hello there chocolate lover! Do you love your chocolate chip cookies and cannot stop at one? Here is a giant one for you! Get one and have it all to yourself or break it up into smaller pieces and share it among your friends or save it for later. Although non of those options would be viable as you will be having them all in one seating!

These chocolate chip cookies are freshly baked and the smell of these freshly baked cookies are so amazing that you cannot stop at one!

These babies are great as a door gift for parties or events! You can even order these delicious cookies and than get some icing for a fun cookie decorating party! How fun is that? It will surely keep the children entertained for quite a few hours!

chocolate chip cookies 3

Every bite of this cookie is filled with chocolate chips and the cookie isn’t too sweet as with all our bakes. So not ┬áto worry about that!

If you can’t wait to have one of these, order yours today!