Durian Madness- A durian lover’s paradise!

Looking for durian based desserts? Look no further and start exploring what type of durian based desserts we have to offer!

Our all time favourite durian cake which is light and packed full of durian flavour and puree. To add on to the aroma of the durian, our cake has lightly roasted almond slices along the side of the durian cake. If you are not a fan of cream, you have just found your dream cake! Commonly, durian cake sold outside has a high cream content and as most people do not fancy (too much)cream, cream cakes may be a turned off for them. However, Cup.Cakes Singapore limits the amount of cream used and we use pure durian flesh that is found to be sandwiched between two layers of pure vanilla cake. This cake is light and one piece won’t be enough. You can trust us on that!


durian cake slice

Besides durian cake, we also offer durian loafs. This durian loaf is more moist compared to the durian cake and unlike the durian cake, the durian loaf is not covered with durian puree. Bits of durian can be found in the loaf cake and be surprised by another durian based product used in our loaves 😉


Of course, we can’t forget cupcakes! Durian cupcakes are also available here. Pure vanilla based cupcakes filled with pure durian flesh and covered with durian buttercream is just a die for! Very light and packed full of durian flavour is a sure win amongst durian lovers 🙂


If you are a fan of cream puffs, we have Durian cream puffs too! filled with generous heaps of durian puree, this durian cream puff would bring you straight to durian paradise!

Lastly, is our Duramisu. Haven’t heard of such a thing? Let us simplify it for you. A Duramisu is like the commonly known tiramisu just that this is packed full of durian goodness! Coffee soaked lady fingers layered with durian puree frosting. A light dessert that would put a sweet sweet end to any meal leaving you truly satisfied 🙂

durian tiramisu 3


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