Customising Your Very Own Chocolate Chip Cookies Singapore


Always wanted your own unique chocolate chip cookie flavours that are just not available anywhere in the market? Here is your chance to create them and mix up flavours that are never heard of before!

Just three simple steps and you would get your own unique chocolate chip cookies!

1. Select a Base Type:

-Chocolate Chip Cookie (Original base)

-Butter Sugar Cookie

– Chocolate Cookie

-Coffee Cookie

-Earl Grey Cookie

2. Select choice of Topping (Besides Chocolate chip which would already be included)

-Peanut butter


-Peanut nibs






-Chocolate chunks

3. Place an order

Now its the hardest step of them all, place and order and wait for your order to arrive 🙂






Pricing of cookies may differ depending on type of topping chosen. Please enquire with our friendly staff if you require any assistance 🙂