Cupcake Cake Biscuit Cookie Packaging Singapore

Interested to find out more about how our cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other treats are being packaged? Well, here are a few samples! Our bakes look beautiful and they are all dressed in nice packaging so that you can gift them as gifts to loved ones and friends!

Cupcake Packaging

Personalised note can be added^

6 Cupcake Box

12 Cupcake Box

25 Cupcake Box

Individual Cupcake Boxes^

(Able to be used for packing individual cookie jars for events )

burger individual wrap

Cookies Bottled

(35 Pieces* of cookies per bottle)

Cookie See Through Boxes^

(Comes in Large or Small size)

cookies 3


Cookies Tied Bags^

(1-6 Pieces of cookies)

cookie bundle

Cookie Jar^

(14-15 Pieces of cookies per jar)

cookie jar 1

cookie jar 4

Chocolate Krispy Treats^

(100g Per bag)


If you ever do need a cake stand to display your beautiful bakes, do head over here!

 *Number of cookies depends on how large the cookie is. Number of cookies in a jar may differ.

^ Additional charges applicable


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