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Are you a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies and almost always cannot control yourself when you look at one? If thats you, you may want to close this page right now as whats to come is photos of lots of chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies are not only delicious to eat but they also have a sense of familiarity to them that is sort of comforting and heart warming. Whenever you say chocolate chip cookies, almost everyone would know what you are referring to!

So lets cut all these talking short and get on to the real business- that is to see what type of chocolate chip cookies we have to offer all you cookie monsters out there!

Flavor 1: The Classic 

Crunchy vanilla biscuit with chocolate bits in every bite

2013-08-23 14.08.39

Flavor 2: White Chocolate Rose Cookies

White chocolate bits encased in a fragrant rose cookie


Flavour 3: The Giant

Very much like an old school chocolate chip cookie just BIGGER!

chocolate chip cookies

Flavour 4: Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie

Nutella encased with Chocolate chip cookie 

chocolate chip cookies 2

Deliciously freshly baked chocolate chip cookies made to order! Don’t resist and order yours today!