Chinese New Year Handmade Golden Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Freshly baked upon request homemade reduced sugar pineapple tarts are the way to go this Chinese New Year season! Making use of fragrant Western Star butter, this delightful pastry is to die for!

pineapple 1


Our pastry melts in your mouth and you can definitely taste the richness of the butter in one bite. If you are afraid of this being too overwhelming, fret not as our 100% pure pineapple fillings would cut through the richness of the pastry and balance out the flavours.


Pineapple fillings are very generous and not overly sweet. Made from 100% pure pineapple fruit without any preservatives, additives or flavourings, this pineapple tart would surely be a hit with your friends and loved ones this coming Chinese New Year!

pineapple 2

If you are observant,  you would have noticed that the pastry design is shaped such that it looks like a pineapple too! Bringing in the festive cheer with this jar of freshly baked tarts would be the perfect way to enjoy the season or would be lovely as a gift to relatives and friends!

pineapple 3

Get yours today here and hurry book your jar today as orders are limited! Every tart is carefully kneaded and rolled by hand and all ingredients are made from scratch. Do not worry about having to eat store bought pineapple tarts with preserved and overly sweet fillings anymore!

Each jar holds 29-30 pieces and believe us when we say one is not enough! Before you even know it, the whole jar would be cleared! Try yours today!