Buy Cupcakes Online In Singapore

Now that technology is such a common and essential part of our lives, buying things online have also gotten more common. Online shopping ranges from clothes, shoes, books to groceries and food. The wide selection online really gives shopping a new meaning and depth. Online shopping can be done from the comfort of your home at your own comfortable pace without having to rush and be squeezed with tons of people.

Having a last minute celebration or gathering or just have a sudden craving for cupcakes or desserts? Well, good news! You can get moist, delicious bite-sized cupcakes and other yummy treats from Cup.Cakes Singapore 🙂 And the best thing is you can BUY the cakes in the comfort of your home! Just a few clicks of the mouse and tada, the beautiful cakes would arrive at your doorstep!

Choose from a wide variety of flavors ranging from the classical vanilla and chocolate to more local flavors such as pandan & kaya and coconut. Other popular flavors such as red velvet, maple and bacon are also available upon request. Love fruits? We also offer fruity cupcakes made from 100% real fruits. We also have different monthly flavored cupcakes which have special and flavorful. Do remember to check it out on our Promotion pageFlavor of the month 🙂

Cup.Cakes Singapore also aims to offer more locally flavored cupcakes that brings out the many wonderful flavors that can be found in Singapore food. You can look forward to durian cupcakes, black sesame cheesecakes and many other locally flavored goodies 😉

The best part about all our cupcakes (and all our other food) is that they contain NO PRESERVATIVES, are FRESHLY made upon orders received and best of all are REDUED in SUGAR. Our cupcakes are best eaten fresh but can be kept unrefrigerated for 3-5 days at room temperature (Shelf life depends on the flavor too).

If you have any preferred flavor or any flavors that you really want to try as a cupcake flavor, we have a skilled team that is able to come up with delicious and amazing “concoctions” just for you! Be amazed by some of the interesting flavors that would excite your taste buds and leave you craving for more 😉 We would do our best to match up with your imagination to deliver the best to you!

Need a cupcake fix? Just fill in the order form and your lovely cupcakes would reach you in a jiffy! (Our cupcakes comes with buttercream or cream cheese frosting but do let us know if you want less cream or no cream at all)

Have other cravings other than cupcakes? Fred not! We also offer other delightful, mouth watering treats ranging from macarons, cakes, tarts, pies (both sweet and savory), whoopie pies and lots more. Do engage with our helpful team to get your sweet treats today 🙂

Besides regular orders of cupcakes or cakes, we also cater for birthday celebrations, weddings and other events. Looking for a dessert table? We have it too! Select the yummy treats and the theme you want for your own customized dessert table.