What Type Of Flowers Are Safe To Put Onto A Cake

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Flowers can add a beautiful touch to a plain looking cake. It is a statement in itself. Have you ever wanted to try making a cake that has fresh flowers attached to it? Here are some things you need to know!

Firstly, we know that flowers that is going to be put onto the cake needs to be cake safe. Edible flowers or organic flowers are your best options here. Look for them at an organic flower shops or your local florist. Here is a list of flowers that can be placed onto your cake.

Flowers that can be placed onto the cake:






-Baby Breath



We want to have flowers that are food safe and also long lasting so that they wouldn’t wilt and dry up on the cake. We want to preserve their freshness for the longest time possible so good storage of the flowers are important.

Next, after getting your flowers, we need to know how to store them before they are going to be used to the cake. We can place the flowers into a vase filled with water and leave them till we are ready for assembly.

Moving onto assembling of the flowers to be put onto your cake. We will need to clean the flowers and wash them first and than let them air dry. Remove any excess water present by gently shaking the water out from the flower petals. After which, we can wrap the stem of the flowers in aluminium foil to prevent any water from the flower from leaking into the cake. After that is done, put the flower into a straw holder and its ready to be put into the cake.

If you are unsure or don’t want to go through all the hassle of preparing the flowers for the cake, you can easily order one from us!

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