What To Prepare For A Fairy Angel Birthday Bash For My Little Girl

Every little girl would definitely have a fairy or angel themed party once in their life as these little girls are their parents’ precious little ones. If you are planning on organising an enchanted birthday celebration for your little one, read on to find out what to prepare!

1) Fairy wings

How can you be a fairy without wings? First up for a fairy or angel themed party is to get everyone of your guest a pair of wings! How cute would it be to have all your daughter’s friends dress up as fairies!

2) Balloons

What is a party without some balloons? You do not need to go overboard with the balloons if you are working on a budget but having some balloon sculptures as a center piece would be great for photo opportunities and can be used as photo backdrops or props.

3) Enchanted fairy cupcakes


Having whimsical cupcakes such as butterflies, halos and lots of pastel would be great for an enchanted themed birthday party. Contact us today if you have a preferred style or design of cupcake you would like and we can customise it just for you.

4) Fairy food

A party needs to have some good food to leave your guest feeling contented and satisfied. You can have a fairy floss machine for added fun for the children while the adults can have tie-died pasta/ doughnuts or macarons. Making tie-died chocolate barks can also be a great idea!

5) Fairy drinks

Just like an enchanted potion, do you know that you can make your own colour changing drinks? Ever heard of blue pea flower (also known as Asian pigeon wings)? Originally blue in colour, when you add a dash of lemon juice, it would turn purple. This could be a cool drink for children as they would be mesmerised by the colour change! This is also a great hack to get your little guest to drink up especially after all the fun they are having.

6) Treasure hunt

Have some kind of games at a children’s party! Treasure hunt is one famous and very popular game among children. Just like little pixies and elves, the children dressed in their fairy clothing running around the yard is such a cute sight. Hide little treats and things that your children may like around the garden and have your little guest search for them. This would definitely entertain them for a while!

7) Fairy cake

Besides having some cupcakes, you would most certainly need a center piece. Having a statement fairy cake would be just the right thing to have. If you are having a dessert table, this fairy cake can be your statement piece too!

8) Goodie bags

Do not let your guest leave empty handed. Pack something personalised or something thoughtful for your guest. Who doesn’t like to receive presents? Giving out goodie bags would see everybody leaving the party with a smile on their face.

9) Party music

Want to set the mood and party vibes? Select the right type of party music for your guest. For an enchanted party, you would want something smoothing and light. Some background music would do the job.

10) Fairy themed backdrop

Any party can definitely do with some Photo Booth! Get your fairy backdrop up and get some photo props to create your own Photo Booth! If you do not want to engage a photographer, you can use instant printers to print out your photos and have them packaged nicely for your guest to take home! Good memories are captured through photos and you surely would not want to miss any of such precious moments!

If you are still in doubt of what to do or need some party ideas, hit us up through a call or an email and we would get right back to you!