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Hualien is filled with lots of good food and here are some of the things you can expect to eat when you are here!

1. Mr Goose 鹅肉先生

Address: No.259 Zhong Shan Road,Hualien City, Hualien

A local taste of the goose. Frequented by many locals.

2. Gongzheng Street Baozi 公正包子

Address: No. 199之2, Zhongshan Rd, Hualien
Opening hours: 1:00 am – 2:00 pm

Famous for their pork dumplings. Pork is perfectly seasoned and packs a punch! When you are here, remember to order the steamed dumplings (蒸饺),  xiao long bao /soup dumplings (小笼包), and  red tea mixed with soya bean milk (红茶豆浆)which is very fragrant, refreshing and quenching.

3. Maji Mochi

This is a chain store selling Japanese mochi that is freshly made. Samples available. Mochi is something that you must buy when you are here!

4. Chef Ming/ Chuang Chung Ming

No.22, Míngyìliù 6th St.., Ji’an Township, Hualien County

Try their peking duck.

5.  Hualien Xiang Pian Shi花莲香扁食

Address: No. 355 Zhong Shan Road(花莲市中山路355号)

Serves up wantons (扁食) with skin that is very smooth and the filling bouncy.

6. Wang Ji Teahouse王记茶铺

Address: No. 565 Zhong Shan Road, Hualien

Teahouse frequently by many locals. Try the Jasmine milk tea (末香奶茶) and Oolong Milk Tea (金香奶茶)

7. 西瓜大王 King Watermelon

Address: Just opposite Mr Goose

Quench your thirst with a refreshing watermelon juice!

8. Cai Family Dumplings 蔡家汤圆

Address: 光复街37号

Try the salty Hakka dumplings for desserts. Found at the intersection of 中华路 Zhong Hua Road and 光复街 Guang Fu Street, a 15-minute walk from Mr Goose.

9. Wu Ba 宗信五霸焦糖包心粉圆冰

Address: 花莲市博爱街165号

Sweet desserts found at the intersection of 博爱街 Bo Ai Street and 中华路 Zhong Hua Road, next to the street of Cai Family dumplings. The shaved ice here is quite a big portion and can be shared among 3-4 people.

10. Ai Zhi Wei Smokeless BBQ Buffet 爱知味无烟自助烧烤 

Address: No. 102, Nan Bin Road Section 1, Ji An Town (花莲县吉安乡南滨路一段102号)

Opening hours: Weekdays: 4pm-1am, Weekends: 12pm-1am

Barbecue buffet using charcoal and have delicious, fatty black pork belly.

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