Top 10 Interesting Easter DIY Treats | Easy To Do Easter Treats

Want to make something cute for this coming Easter? Well, we have some ideas for you that will spice up your Easter parties!

1. Easter Bunny Macarons

Make some macarons in the shape of bunnies in the spirit of Easter! Fill them up with any fillings you desire- marshmallow fillings, Nutella, buttercream…

2. Deviled Egg Chicks

These are just hard boiled eggs made cute! Made your deviled eggs normally but place black sesame seeds for the eyes and small carrot cutouts for the beak and the small feet of the chicks!

3. Marshmallow Baby Chicks

If you have any large marshmallow on hand, use some M&Ms, Jelly beans or frosting and decorate them into little chicks! Poke your marshmallows onto toothpicks and poke them into some fake grass made with a styrofoam board

4. Homemade Easter Eggs

Make a small opening on your raw egg using a pin and take out the egg whites and yolk. Rinse the egg shell with salt water and make sure the insides are dry before filling them up with cake batter. Bake your eggs and once they are done, peel away the egg shell and your own Easter egg is done!

5. Carrot Cone Cake

Use an ice cream cone and fill it up with cake batter. Bake it as required and cool it on the cooling rack before frosting. Melt some orange candy melts and dip your cones into the melted candy. Let the candy set and frost the top of the cone with orange frosting. Add sone carrot leaves on top to finish off your carrot cake!

6. Easter Egg Nest filled with Jelly Beans

Make your Easter basket from some cookie dough. Bake and allow the cookie basket to cool before filling it with your jelly bean eggs! Great door gift for your guest!

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Using rice krispy and peanut butter, mix these two ingredients and shape it into an egg shape. Put into the freezer to freeze up the egg shaped rice krispies before coating them with melted chocolate. Add on some sprinkles on top and its all ready to gi!

8. Easter Basket Cupcake

Make your regular cupcake and fill it up with frosting on top, Put on some easter eggs and for the basket look, use a long string sweet and make a half loop on the top of your cupcake. This creates the handle of the basket.

9. Bunny Pear Dessert

Cut the Peckham pears into half. Poach the pears and allow them to cool. For the bunny ears, use almond slices and for the eyes, use almond slices for the whites of the eye and raisins for the pupil. For the rabbit nose, use a red M&M. To finish off the look, use some whipped cream for the bunny tail. Assemble all the ingredients and you will get a cute poached pear bunny!

10. Bunny Bread

Will you be making bread this easter? Or do you want to spice up your hot cross buns with a cute bunny look? Shape your bread dough into cute rabbit shapes. After the bread is baked and cooked, you can add on some M&Ms to top off the bunny look!

Hope you all try out some of these interesting Easter food ideas! For more Easter treats, click here!