Top 10 Best Farewell Gifts For Colleagues Singapore

Farewells and goodbyes to colleagues or friends of the same company are always a bittersweet moments; a part of you wishes them well but a part of you would miss seeing them in the office daily. If you are looking for something meaningful to gift your colleague, you can consider the below suggestions. Gifts are suitable for both male and female.

  1. WatchesClassical Stainless Steel Mesh Strap Men Wrist Watches Gift Watch OEM in China - China Men Watch and Female Watch priceWatches are a good classic time piece that would be meaningful as a parting gift. Discuss with your other colleagues and friends and see how much budget you can work with before deciding on the type and brand of watch to purchase. Also, do keep in mind the style of your colleague who is leaving. Get them something that suits their taste, lifestyle and fashion style! That is what a meaningful farewell gift should always be about!
  2. Business Card HolderDMFLY Professional Slim Business Card Holder Metal Business Card Case Pocket Business Card Wallet Business CardBusiness card holders are a good opinion if the colleague is moving on to another job and not retiring. If the colleague is retiring, you may not want to get this as a farewell gift as the usefulness of the business card holder would be limited. There are many kinds of business card holders today such as business card case with money clips, RFID card cases, key ring card case and many other designs. Choose one that is best suited for you!
  3. VouchersCapitamall Vouchers, Entertainment, Gift Cards & Vouchers on CarousellGift vouchers from shopping malls, supermarkets or even for specific shops can be a good and practical way to know that the farewell gift would be put to good use! As offline shopping becomes less popular nowadays, you would want to consider vouchers that can be used in a variety of places. This would leave your recipient grateful too as imagine if you gift a gift voucher that only has one or few outlets, accessibility and convenience would be slightly of a problem. Some gift vouchers which you can consider are CapitaVouchers, Fraser Mall Vouchers, Fairprice/ Cold Storage vouchers etc. However, if your colleague is known to like a certain shop and frequents that shop, it is okay to get a gift voucher for a specific shop!
  4. Coffee/ Tea MakerThe Ratio Eight coffee makerThis would make a good gift if your colleague is a coffee or tea lover! This ensures that their daily joe is fresh and warm every time they feel like having a cup! There are a wide range of coffee and tea makers in the market so do take a browse and see what is the best fit for your budget.
  5. Gift BasketMadison's Feast Gourmet Gift Basket - wine gifts - Canada delivery - YORKVILLE'S | CanadaGift baskets filled with your colleagues favourite food/ snacks/ chocolates etc are a good and practical option as a farewell gift! You can either DIY your own or buy it in stores!
  6. Cupcakes And CakesShowing your appreciation through a message on a cake or cupcake is a meaningful and nice way to express your feelings and at the same time, get to eat the delicious dessert! Here at Cup.Cakes Singapore, we can customize the type of messages you want to have on the cake and also the cake design! If you like to add on a bottle of wine, we can do that too! Contact us to discuss today!
  7. MassagerThe Best Shiatsu Neck Shoulder MassagersA shoulder and neck massager or a back massager would make a great gift for someone who is always desk bound. Sitting long hours at the desk can cause aches and pain and so a massager is here to save the day! If your colleague’s job requires him or her to be running or standing long hours daily, maybe getting a foot massager would be a good alternative.
  8. Smart DevicesGoogle Nest (smart speakers) - WikipediaHaving a personal assistant would be something most people dream about. With the advancement of technology, having a smart device that is able to tell you the time, news, record appointments and dates would be a good way to help your colleague get organised.
  9. Succulent PlantsModern Succulent Garden at From You FlowersSucculent plants are low maintenance and looks pretty on the table. This pot of succulent would also add colour to the desk and help to lift the mood of the office.
  10. Infuser Water BottleGlass Fruit-Infuser Water Bottles – Drop BottleWater is an important aspect in our daily life and one thing about working in the office is that people usually do not drink enough water throughout the day. This can cause dehydration and would not be healthy for the body in the long run. Having a large water bottle (with the option of allowing you to make your own flavoured water) is a great way to encourage you to consume more water! Getting this infuser water bottle is a good gift and can be used by anyone young and old.
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