The One Thing You Need To Know To Make The Best Molten Cake

Do you get disappointed when you make a molten cake and it doesn’t flow the way you like it to? Fret not, as we have the answer for you!

The perfect molten lava cake has a solid outer part, while the inner portions remain a liquid. When the cake is cut open, the inner liquid flows out resembling the lava erupting from a volcano.

In order to get the right texture/ consistency of the cake, TIMING is of upmost importance. Over short the timing by a minute and the cake is fully cooked without a molten centre. Under time the baking time and the cake doesn’t hold its structure when removed from the cake pan.

The TEMPERATURE of the oven is also crucial as it determines how fast the cake batter is being cooked. Usually for molten cakes, a higher temperature is used to cook the cake batter as the cooking time is shorter.

The amount of time and temperature of the oven also depends on the size of the cake pan you placed your batter into. The larger the cake pan, the longer the cooking time. Remember when you change the size of the cake pan, just adjust the cooking time and not the temperature. Temperature should remain constant regardless of the pan size used.

If you are unsure of the baking time and temperature you should use for your specific cake pan, you can make a sample piece first and adjust the cooking time from there. Temperature of the oven is usually about 200 Degree Celsius. A high temperature is used as we want to quickly cook the outside of the cake and leave the inner portions uncooked so that the cake is molten.

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