Overnight Oats Benefits| Is Overnight Oats Good For You?

More and more people have been on the trend of eating overnight oats for breakfast. If you still do not already know, overnight oats is raw oats that is soaked overnight in a mixture of milk, water or yogurt. It is than served uncooked with fruits, nuts or even a dash of cinnamon to give the oats different textures and flavours, making your boring oatmeal exciting and your appealing.

So is overnight oats really good for health?

Here are some benefits of why overnight oats is good for you!

  • Weight loss
  • Keeps you fuller for longer periods of time
  • Best source of resistant starch – Body breaks this down slower hence keeping you fuller for longer periods of time
  • Healthy and is a good food choice
  • Nutritious breakfast to start off your day
  • Good for your heart
  • Help to lower cholesterol
  • Good source of zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin B
  • Good source of fiber

Overnight oats is good only if you keep it healthy and not add sugary things such as marshmallows, chocolates, syrups, sauces (chocolate, strawberry, caramel). This makes the oats more like a dessert. Even though having oats need not be plain, boring and tasteless, the main purpose of the overnight oats is to allow you to have a healthy start to your day. Thus, adding all these calorie laden food items would defeat the purpose of having the overnight oats. To boost the flavour of the oats while still keeping it healthy, you can add in a spoonful of organic honey and toasted coconut flakes to give the oats some flavour and a yummy crunch.

So why is it important for you to prepare your oats a day in advance? It is important to soak your oats to make them healthier as soaking reduces antinutrients and helps unlock the nutrients found in the oats.

Healthy eating can be simple and delicious. Choose the right ingredients and have a delightful start to your day!